About Us

As a company with a commitment to the environment, Ecology Solutions safely and ethically disposes of solid waste at our landfill located in Atkinson, Illinois. Ecology Solutions is committed to operating with environmentally safe practices that are not only beneficial for the planet, but also for customers, local businesses and the surrounding residents of Atkinson.

Providing a useful service to households and businesses in the surrounding region by offering a clean, efficient and safe way to dispose of solid waste is Ecology Solutions mission.

Ecology Solutions is extremely committed to operating a clean, safe and environmentally friendly facility. The safety of our workers, the community, local businesses and households as well as the environment is Ecology Solutions’ core value. Ecology Solutions’ organizational goal is to make the world a cleaner, greener and safer place to live.

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Dump vs Landfill

A dump is a large hole in the ground where waste is buried. The hole is not regulated and offers no environmental protection.

A landfill consists of several complex cells where the waste is properly buried each day. Each cell has an advanced linear system, which prevents waste from leaving the cell. The linear system has both a clay and plastic lining underneath the waste, which prevents contaminated water from coming into contact with the groundwater. Each day, the waste in the cell is covered with heavy equipment or at least six inches of soil. Landfills do not break down the waste, but rather store it.